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Hark! the child has arrived

At 11:26 AM on April 29th, 2021 we welcomed Grogu into the Bungmas family! Below are some causes Grogu believes would be worthy of your support!


Justice for Mario Gonzalez

Mario was only 26-year-old when they killed him.  He leaves behind four-year-old little Mario who will now grow up without his father in his life.  Mario was also a caring big brother to Efrain and Jerry.  Mario was the principal caretaker of his mom and Efrain who has autism.  He had his whole life ahead of him and they robbed him from his family and community.


Stop AAPI Hate

Your support of Stop AAPI Hate enable us to track and respond to the surge in racism and xenophobia.

Local Bay Area Classrooms

Mr. Mayer's Class

King Elementary School
Richmond, CA

Many of my students come from African-American, Asian-American and Latino families and they are being taught with textbooks that are of no relevance to them. Think if you were a student that was taught with books that you could not relate to. How would you feel? My students and many students of color feel unsupported and not wanted in the schools of today. Statistics show that 80% of all of the black and brown students tend to learn more if they feel included in their education. These books will continue to enhance the print-rich classroom that I strive to create. My classroom library is a place that my students really enjoy-I read on the carpet to them, they complete work there, and they read independently! Every student book that is placed in my library is treated with love and care, and they are thankful for the opportunities to read. All of these books have been chosen with my students in mind-I have watched them the past few weeks of school read titles just like these, and I have also asked them what type of books they would enjoy reading. Students will be able to choose books, which will help them continue to enjoy independent reading time.

Ms. Garland's Class

Miraloma Elementary School
San Francisco, CA

I am a school psychologist, and for the last year, I have been providing weekly individual counseling sessions to eight different students with a diverse variety of needs. Adapting print materials to the virtual modality has been challenging, and my students have been very receptive to activities developed especially for distance learning.

Ms. K's Class

Dr. Martin Luther King Middle School
Hayward, CA

A lot of my students are apprehensive readers. Having a class set of graphic novels to teach narrative skills like inferencing, sensory details and imagery will help them feel more comfortable with novel and hopefully help them engage with the topics more.

Ms. Ynzunza's Class

Brookvale Elementary School
Fremont, CA

As a child, did you ever crawl around in the dirt collecting bugs? Look up at a star and make a wish? Or wonder why the moon was following you as you drove in the back seat of your parent's car? I was inspired by the winning project "Women in STEM Exploration, Innovation & Communication through Video Production" to include a video and peer teaching component to our first-grade class. I will create STEM learning bags for my scholars to learn about pioneer women scientists who had these same experiences in their childhood. The bags will include books about female scientists and environmentalists including Rachel Carson, Anna Comstock, Maria Merian, and Lie Meitner. The drum, animation kit, veterinarian kit and books will be used to make STEM activities to learn about sound vibration, women scientists, and for outdoor exploration so that my students will dive deep into environmental and conservation studies. From the IF/THEN Collection, the video, "SheCanSTEM 1: Victoria Herrmann," will be shown as inspiration for my students to create their own slide shows in which they share with their peers their learning. I will use "Long Profile: Sam Wynns," to introduce a modern-day female scientist who was inspired by Jane Goodall and Mae Jemison, other scientists who paved the way for future generations.

Ms. Barcelos' Class

John M Gomes Elementary School
Fremont, CA

These books and art supplies will be great additions to our classroom and support social and emotional learning. These books have been chosen with my students' backgrounds, traditions, and family life in mind. We gather with our 6th grade buddies monthly. This project is going to be great to have during this time where the big buddies can read to the little buddies about different cultures and beliefs to an acceptance of all cultures. This will give the opportunity for students to discuss with their peers their differences and realize how we are all the same yet different. The various people shapes and puppets will be a fun activity, all the kids can create a person that represents themselves and their culture to share with their buddy and classmates. Again this will give students the opportunity to feel united with their peers even though we are all different. Our students LOVE their time spent with their 6th grade buddies and this project will make it memorable for all students. We are also asking for multicultural food to add to our free play area. Kids are always sad that what we have in our kitchen area is very limited and very "American". The addition of multicultural food will make it a more social affair where kids can talk to others about food they have in their own homes.

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